"Who Else Wants Access To The "Do it Yourself" Wordpress Blog Commenting Seo Software With A Two Minutes or Less Learning Curve That will Enable You To Automatically Create High Quality Premium Backlinks For Your Website Without Spending a Fortune?"

Dear Website Owner:

You have a website and your main goal should be to increase the visibility and rankings of your site in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing so that you can attract a boatload of targeted traffic and hungry buyers who will spend money and purchase the goods or services that you have to offer. Wouldn't you agree?

The main way to accomplish high ranking and high search engine visibility is through the building of backlinks to your website. If you are a newbie let me explain to you exactly what backlinks are. A backlink is where your website shows up on another web page. The World Wide Web is made up of links. The more of them you have pointing to your website the more traffic you can potentially get.

The reason why backlinks are such a critical component in a successful search engine marketing strategy is due to the way that search engines like Google place value on your site.Google measures your website's overall relevancy based on who is linking to you. It's a way for them to quickly evaluate your website and connect it with a specific niche market. Backlinks also count as votes for your website, and the more votes you have, the higher ranking you'll receive.

Now that you know why it is imperative that you build backlinks to your site, let me review the 2 ways in which you can get that accomplished.

1) You can let an seo company build your backlinks for you.

You could simply hire an seo service to create links for you. There's nothing wrong with this method with the exception being
you don't control the process. You don't control the time frame when your backlinks will be created for you. The seo company dictates that time frame. It could be 2 days, 1 week, 30 days etc.

You don't control where your links will be placed. Your backlinks could possibly be placed on undesirable sites like porn sites, warez sites, and sites with zero value which may affect your search engine rankings. In addition, you are subjected to an seo company's restrictions.

For example, you may want to backlink multiple urls of your website with a variety of keywords but the seo company's policy maybe be that they only allow you to use 1 url and 1 keyword. The ultimate bottom line is you have to pay an seo company over and over again if you want to build backlinks on a consistent basis.You don't have to relinquish control when it comes to link building, you can control your own seo destiny which leads me to the second way that you can build backlinks.

2) You can build backlinks for your website yourself!

You can control the seo link building process by creating the backlinks yourself. That way you can pick and choose the sites your backlinks will be on, the time frame in which you want to accomplish this and you have the choice to choose whether or not you want to use multiple urls and keywords for link building.

Manual Link Building To Be Or Not To Be?

Manual backlinking through blog commenting although very tedious and mind numbing is one medium you can use to obtain backlinks for your site. Manual backlinking is very tedious because it requires you to visit each and every blog's website individually and fill out the form fields on these blogs. For example your name(keyword anchor text), your email address, your website address, and then you would have to enter your comment and click on the submit button to create the actual backlink.

Can you imagine doing this for 500 sites? You would go insane! Plus it would be an inefficient use of your precious time and I might add you would also have to search for the blogs on the internet that will allow you to create backlinks to your website by commenting. Are you kidding me? But wait...........

Blog Commenting Robot is The Ultimate Automated Solution
To The Link Building Process

Before you get turned off on building backlinks for your website yourself, I created the ultimate automated solution for you that will enable you to create as many backlinks as you want anytime you want without having to go through the tedious mind numbing process of manual link building. What is that ultimate solution? It's a software that I created called Blog Commenting Robot.

With Blog Commenting Robot all you have to do is enter the information into the software that the blogs require to post a comment and obtain a backlink. For example your keyword anchor text, an email address, your website address that you are creating the backlink to and your comment.

Then you would simply upload the list of 400+ high page rank Wordpress Blog sites that comes with Blog Commenting Robot click "play" and sit back and relax while Blog Commenting Robot navigates to each Wordpress blog site contained in the list and creates the backlinks to your website.When Blog Commenting Robot has finished creating your backlinks a report is instantly generated! How amazing is that?

Watch Blog Commenting Robot In Action!


Blog Commenting Robot Has A Two Minutes or Less Learning Curve and That is No Exaggeration. Even My 7 Year Old Daughter Knows How To Use It!

One of the great benefits of Blog Commenting Robot is that it takes 2 minutes or less to effectively learn and begin creating backlinks. I own most of the blog commenting software that's available in the marketplace today and most of them have a steep learning curve.

In fact, there's one particular blog commenting software where I had to order an additional video course that contained 12 videos just to understand the software's full capabilities. I consider myself a bright guy and it took me at least two months to learn this software. I don't pretend to know you but I would imagine you don't want to spend the next two months of your life being a techie and learning a software just to create backlinks. You just want backlinks instantly without working up a sweat? Am I correct?

To test the ease of use of Blog Commenting Robot I even let my 7 year old daughter try it and without a problem she created backlinks. To her delight after Blog Commenting Robot finished the process she remarked "Wow Daddy that was so easy and fun can I do it again?" So if a 7 year old little girl can create backlinks using Blog Commenting Robot anyone can.

In addition to it's ease of use Blog Commenting Robot has these amazing features:

Commenting spinning

Blog commenting robot allows you to spin your blog comments.
This will ensure that you don't have the same exact comment on every site.

Keyword spinning

You can create backlinks for multiple keywords.

Url spinning

You can create backlinks for multiple urls.

Email spinning

You can use multiple email addresses.


Blog Commenting Robot allows you to use proxies.
You would use proxies to hide your ip address.

List of Wordpress Sites

Blog Commenting Robot comments exclusively on Wordpress blogs and comes with a list of 400+ high page rank premium Wordpress blog sites with a main domain page rank of (3-8) to comment on. You will receive instant and guaranteed backlinks from these sites because the blog owners autoapprove all comments. There is no moderation involved.

In addition, the software offers you the option to receive additional sites for blog commenting so you are never limited to just 300 sites. Need 500 backlinks? Not a problem. Need 1,000 backlinks? Not a problem. Just simply choose that option in Blog Commenting Robot. You even have the option to upload your own list of Wordpress blog sites.

Edu Backlinks

Blog Commenting Robot offers you the option to create high coveted edu backlinks.Google just loves edu backlinks. Why? Because they are a trusted source. Only educational institutions are allowed to have them. Google operates under the assumption that an EDU site will never link back a site with low-informational content or content that isn't worth Google's attention.

Solves Captchas

Blog Commenting Robot has the ability to solve captchas manually or automatically using Decaptcher, Death By Captcha and By Pass Captcha captcher solving services

Multi Threads

Blog Commenting Robot allows you to use up 100 threads simultaneously. This is ideal for super fast posting


When blog commenting robot has finished creating your backlinks a detail report is generated.

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"I was a bit skeptical on your claims that Blog Commenting Robot
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softwares that I have used in the past had a learning curve of
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creating valuable backlinks to my website in about a minute
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Barbara Winters Portland, Maine

"I have an online apparel company and we were paying a SEO
company a small fortune to create backlinks for us and I'm happy
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Tammy Holdrich Columbia, South Carolina

Ok So How Much for This Amazing Tool That Has A Two Minute Or Less Learning Curve That Will Enable You To Instantly Create An Infinite Amount Of Backlinks?

Before I give you the price of Blog Commenting Robot let me discuss the ways in which it will give you a return on your investment when you purchase this amazing seo software:

Increased Profits

When you create premium backlinks to your website with Blog Commenting Robot if your website is optimized properly you will see a boost in your search engine rankings. As your search engine rankings increase and your website becomes more visible to the public you will receive more traffic and if there is a demand for the product or services that you offer on your website this will translate to revenues and more profits for you.

Additional Revenue By Creating Backlinks For Others

Not only can you create backlinks for your website but you can also profit by creating backlinks for other website owners.

As you can clearly see investing in Blog Commenting Robot should be a no-brainer for you.

Plus it is remarkably priced at $97

Tell me where can you get an seo software that will enable you to create high page rank premium backlinks in 2 minutes or less and see an instant boost in your search engine rankings? Nowhere but here!


Computer Requirements:

Windows XP or Higher
.Net 4 Framework


Omar Johnson
P.S. - I've said it all. What are you waiting for? Start creating premium backlinks today in 2 minutes or less!

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